Ecoinformatics Conference Service, Environmental Information Management 2008

LEEASP: A Linked Environment of Coordinated Multiple Views for Exploratory Analysis of Large-Scale Species Distribution Data

Kate He, Jianting Zhang

Last modified: 2008-08-21


Exploratory analysis of large-scale species distribution data is essential to gain information and knowledge, stimulating hypotheses and seeking possible explanations of species distribution patterns. In this study, we report our design and implementations of LEEASP, a Linked Environment for Exploratory Analysis of large-scale Species Distribution data. LEEASP utilizes the state-of-the-art advanced visualization techniques and multiple view coordination techniques to visualize different data sources that are relevant to species distribution data analysis and interact with users in a coordinated manner. As a case study, range maps of tree species in North America compiled by Elbert Little are used to derive the geographical and taxonomic data in the experiments. Environmental data derived from WORLDCLIM datasets and the EPA Level III Ecoregion data for the same study area are used as well to demonstrate the capabilities of the prototype system.