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Sensor network papers

Virtual Sensor-Powered Spatiotemporal Aggregation and Transformation: A Case Study Analyzing Near-Real-Time NEXRAD and Precipitation Gage Data in a Digital Watershed Abstract
Yong Liu, David J. Hill, Tarek Abdelzaher, Jin Heo, Jaesik Choi, Barbara Minsker, David Fazio
Meeting the challenges of an international, grassroots organization of sites deploying sensor networks: the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Abstract
Barbara Benson, Luke Winslow, Peter Arzberger, Cayelan Carey, Tony Fountain, Paul Hanson, Tim Kratz, Sameer Tilak
Converting data to information: Coupling lab-level database functionality with primary LTER data archiving systems Abstract
Adam M. Kennedy, Suzanne M. Remillard, Donald L. Henshaw, Lawrence A. Duncan, Barbara J. Bond
Vega: A Flexible Data Model for Environmental Time Series Data Abstract
Luke Winslow, Barbara Benson, Kenneth Chiu, Paul Hanson, Timothy Kratz
Building a "Cyber Forest" in Complex Terrain at the Andrews Experimental Forest Abstract
Donald L. Henshaw, Fred Bierlmaier, Barbara J. Bond, Kari B. O'Connell

General Papers

LEEASP: A Linked Environment of Coordinated Multiple Views for Exploratory Analysis of Large-Scale Species Distribution Data Abstract
Kate He, Jianting Zhang
Range Checks of Coastal Environmental Monitoring Data Abstract
Lei Hu, Brenda Leroux Babin
A Tale of Two Observing Systems: Visualization of Real-time Coastal Ocean Data on the Web Abstract
Brenda Leroux Babin, Lei Hu


USGS - NBII Releases Re-Designed Interface for Metadata Clearinghouse Abstract
Vivian Hutchison
Quality control of kelp forest community survey data Abstract
Shannon Harrer, Margaret O'Brien
Managing Information for Environmental Flows in Texas Abstract
Eric S Hersh, David R Maidment

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