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Sensor network papers

Sensor Networks on the Great Barrier Reef - managing marine sensor data Abstract
Scott Jeffrey Bainbridge, Mark Rehbein, Gavin Feather, Damien Eggeling
Evolving Sensor Web Protocols for Sensor Data Management Abstract
Helen Conover, Kathryn Regner, Manil Maskey, Jessica Lu, Xiang Li, Michael H. Goodman
Dynamic, Rule-based Quality Control Framework for Real-time Sensor Data Abstract
Wade M. Sheldon
Detecting sensor failures in ecological sensor networks Abstract
Owen C Langman
Virtual Sensor-Powered Spatiotemporal Aggregation and Transformation: A Case Study Analyzing Near-Real-Time NEXRAD and Precipitation Gage Data in a Digital Watershed Abstract
Yong Liu, David J. Hill, Tarek Abdelzaher, Jin Heo, Jaesik Choi, Barbara Minsker, David Fazio
Meeting the challenges of an international, grassroots organization of sites deploying sensor networks: the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Abstract
Barbara Benson, Luke Winslow, Peter Arzberger, Cayelan Carey, Tony Fountain, Paul Hanson, Tim Kratz, Sameer Tilak
Live from the Field: Managing Live-Image Databases at the Virginia Coast Reserve Abstract
John H. Porter, David E. Smith
Converting data to information: Coupling lab-level database functionality with primary LTER data archiving systems Abstract
Adam M. Kennedy, Suzanne M. Remillard, Donald L. Henshaw, Lawrence A. Duncan, Barbara J. Bond
Vega: A Flexible Data Model for Environmental Time Series Data Abstract
Luke Winslow, Barbara Benson, Kenneth Chiu, Paul Hanson, Timothy Kratz
Building a "Cyber Forest" in Complex Terrain at the Andrews Experimental Forest Abstract
Donald L. Henshaw, Fred Bierlmaier, Barbara J. Bond, Kari B. O'Connell
Streaming Sensor Data from Space: Acquiring and Managing Direct Broadcast Satellite Data for Sites of the Long Term Ecological Research Network Abstract
John Vande Castle, Mark Servilla
Accessing and Using Sensor Data within the Kepler Scientific Workflow System Abstract
Derik Barseghian, Ilkay Altintas, Matt Jones

General Papers

Challenges of AVHRR Vegetation Data for Real Time Applications Abstract
Molly Elizabeth Brown
Ian Sears
Archival Data Formats - Archivists and Users Abstract
Dave Rugg
LEEASP: A Linked Environment of Coordinated Multiple Views for Exploratory Analysis of Large-Scale Species Distribution Data Abstract
Kate He, Jianting Zhang
Range Checks of Coastal Environmental Monitoring Data Abstract
Lei Hu, Brenda Leroux Babin
The EcoTrends Web Portal: An Architecture for Data Discovery and Exploration Abstract
Mark Stephen Servilla, Duane Costa, Christine Laney, Inigo San Gil, James Brunt
A Tale of Two Observing Systems: Visualization of Real-time Coastal Ocean Data on the Web Abstract
Brenda Leroux Babin, Lei Hu
Using metadata for efficient loading and querying of heterogeneous scientific data Abstract
Benjamin River Leinfelder, Jing Tao, Duane Costa, Matthew Jones, Mark Servilla, Margaret O'Brien, Chad Burt
Mercury- A Distributed Metadata Management, Data Discovery and Access System Abstract
Giriprakash Palanisamy, Bruce Wilson, Jim Green, Ranjeet Devarakonda
Building an Information Management System for Global Data Sharing: A Strategy for the International Long Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Network Abstract
Kristin Vanderbilt
Data Collaboration for Large-Scale Regional Surveys in Southern California Abstract
Shelly Moore
Integrating Ecological Data: Notes from the Grasslands ANPP Data Integration Project Abstract
Judy Cushing


USGS - NBII Releases Re-Designed Interface for Metadata Clearinghouse Abstract
Vivian Hutchison
North of Ireland Coastal Monitoring Programme - QA for an operational network of moored oceanographic instruments Abstract
Adam Mellor
Improving metadata search efficiency by enabling semantic queries Abstract
Chad W Berkley, Shawn Bowers, Shawn Bowers, Matthew Jones, Matthew Jones, Mark Schildhauer, Mark Schildhauer
Integrating Google Earth and Internet Mapping into Your Website Abstract
Theresa J Valentine
Building the Framework for a Virtual Data Center for Ecology and the Environmental Sciences Abstract
William Michener
A Team Approach to Data Synthesis: The Playbook for Creating a Centralized, Dynamic, and Sustainable ANPP Database Abstract
Nicole E. Kaplan, Kristin L. Vanderbilt, Lee Zeman, Judy B. Cushing, Christine Laney, Juli Mallett, Ken Ramsey, Jincheng Gao, Judith Kruger, Carri LeRoy, Daniel Milchunas, Esteban Muldavin
EarthGrid Web Services for Accessing Heterogeneous Data Systems Abstract
Jing Tao, Matt Jones, David Vieglais, Arcot Rajasekar, Lucas Gilbert, Benjamin Leinfelder
Recent Information Management System Enhancements at the North Temperate Lakes LTER Abstract
David Balsiger, Barbara Benson, Jeff Maxted, Luke Winslow
Architectural and Functional Requirements for an Environmental Sensor Network Computing Platform for Terrestrial Biological Research Stations and Ecological Observatories Abstract
Ankit Agarwal, James Beach, Julio Ibarra
Implementing an Automated Processing System for Low-Frequency Streaming Data Using an Eclectic Approach Abstract
John H. Porter
An Integrated Framework for Hybrid and Adaptive Modeling of Sea Surface Temperature: A Workflow-Based Approach to Comparison Abstract
Daniel Crawl, Peter Cornillon, Ilkay Altintas, Nathan Potter, James Gallagher, Mark Schildhauer, Matthew Jones
Information Infrastructure: Emergent Roles, Responsibilities and Practices Abstract
Lynn R. Yarmey, Karen S. Baker
Abstracting Functionality and Access: Facilitating Data System Manageability and Site Coordination Abstract
Mason A. Kortz, James E. Conners, Karen S Baker
LTER Information Managers: A Community of Practice Abstract
Karen S. Baker, Nicole E. Kaplan, Inigo San Gil, Margaret O'Brien, Florence Millerand
Environmental Data Upload and Visualization Tools Abstract
Shira Bezalel
Metacat Turnkey Installer Poster Abstract
Michael Daigle
Web-based collaboration in an ecology think-tank Abstract
Shaun Walbridge, Mark Schildhauer, Jim Regetz, Matthew Jones, Rick Reeves
A Framework for Defining and Enforcing Multiple Validation Environments (i.e. Protocols) within Aquatic Ecology Abstract
Steve Rentmeester
Electronic Collection of Vegetation Mapping Data within the Grand Canyon National Park Abstract
Scott C. Curran, Mike Kearsley
Promoting Community Contributions with Highly Configurable Component Based Software, A Kepler Architecture Abstract
Aaron Schultz, Matthew Jones, Timothy McPhilliips, Sean Riddle, David Welker
Cross-Site Analysis of Abiotic Drivers and ANPP at Five Grasslands Sites Abstract
Judith B. Cushing, Nicole E. Kaplan, Christine Laney, Carri LeRoy, Juli Mallett, Ken Ramsey, Kristin Vanderbilt, Lee Zeman
Problems and Solutions in Species-Coded Data: Best Practices and Common Issues Abstract
Judith B Cushing, Juli Mallett, Lee Zeman, Nicole Kaplan, Christine Laney, Ken Ramsey, Kristin Vanderbilt
Quality control of kelp forest community survey data Abstract
Shannon Harrer, Margaret O'Brien
The North American Carbon Program Google Earth Collection Abstract
Peter Griffith, Amy Morrell, Lisa Wilcox
Managing Information for Environmental Flows in Texas Abstract
Eric S Hersh, David R Maidment

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