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Sensor network papers

Accessing and Using Sensor Data within the Kepler Scientific Workflow System Abstract
Derik Barseghian, Ilkay Altintas, Matt Jones

General Papers

Using metadata for efficient loading and querying of heterogeneous scientific data Abstract
Benjamin River Leinfelder, Jing Tao, Duane Costa, Matthew Jones, Mark Servilla, Margaret O'Brien, Chad Burt


Improving metadata search efficiency by enabling semantic queries Abstract
Chad W Berkley, Shawn Bowers, Shawn Bowers, Matthew Jones, Matthew Jones, Mark Schildhauer, Mark Schildhauer
EarthGrid Web Services for Accessing Heterogeneous Data Systems Abstract
Jing Tao, Matt Jones, David Vieglais, Arcot Rajasekar, Lucas Gilbert, Benjamin Leinfelder
An Integrated Framework for Hybrid and Adaptive Modeling of Sea Surface Temperature: A Workflow-Based Approach to Comparison Abstract
Daniel Crawl, Peter Cornillon, Ilkay Altintas, Nathan Potter, James Gallagher, Mark Schildhauer, Matthew Jones
Web-based collaboration in an ecology think-tank Abstract
Shaun Walbridge, Mark Schildhauer, Jim Regetz, Matthew Jones, Rick Reeves
Promoting Community Contributions with Highly Configurable Component Based Software, A Kepler Architecture Abstract
Aaron Schultz, Matthew Jones, Timothy McPhilliips, Sean Riddle, David Welker

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