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Sensor network papers

Sensor Networks on the Great Barrier Reef - managing marine sensor data Abstract
Scott Jeffrey Bainbridge, Mark Rehbein, Gavin Feather, Damien Eggeling
Evolving Sensor Web Protocols for Sensor Data Management Abstract
Helen Conover, Kathryn Regner, Manil Maskey, Jessica Lu, Xiang Li, Michael H. Goodman
Converting data to information: Coupling lab-level database functionality with primary LTER data archiving systems Abstract
Adam M. Kennedy, Suzanne M. Remillard, Donald L. Henshaw, Lawrence A. Duncan, Barbara J. Bond

General Papers

Archival Data Formats - Archivists and Users Abstract
Dave Rugg


A Team Approach to Data Synthesis: The Playbook for Creating a Centralized, Dynamic, and Sustainable ANPP Database Abstract
Nicole E. Kaplan, Kristin L. Vanderbilt, Lee Zeman, Judy B. Cushing, Christine Laney, Juli Mallett, Ken Ramsey, Jincheng Gao, Judith Kruger, Carri LeRoy, Daniel Milchunas, Esteban Muldavin
EarthGrid Web Services for Accessing Heterogeneous Data Systems Abstract
Jing Tao, Matt Jones, David Vieglais, Arcot Rajasekar, Lucas Gilbert, Benjamin Leinfelder
Web-based collaboration in an ecology think-tank Abstract
Shaun Walbridge, Mark Schildhauer, Jim Regetz, Matthew Jones, Rick Reeves
A Framework for Defining and Enforcing Multiple Validation Environments (i.e. Protocols) within Aquatic Ecology Abstract
Steve Rentmeester
Promoting Community Contributions with Highly Configurable Component Based Software, A Kepler Architecture Abstract
Aaron Schultz, Matthew Jones, Timothy McPhilliips, Sean Riddle, David Welker
Cross-Site Analysis of Abiotic Drivers and ANPP at Five Grasslands Sites Abstract
Judith B. Cushing, Nicole E. Kaplan, Christine Laney, Carri LeRoy, Juli Mallett, Ken Ramsey, Kristin Vanderbilt, Lee Zeman
Problems and Solutions in Species-Coded Data: Best Practices and Common Issues Abstract
Judith B Cushing, Juli Mallett, Lee Zeman, Nicole Kaplan, Christine Laney, Ken Ramsey, Kristin Vanderbilt

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