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Sensor network papers

Meeting the challenges of an international, grassroots organization of sites deploying sensor networks: the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Abstract
Barbara Benson, Luke Winslow, Peter Arzberger, Cayelan Carey, Tony Fountain, Paul Hanson, Tim Kratz, Sameer Tilak
Vega: A Flexible Data Model for Environmental Time Series Data Abstract
Luke Winslow, Barbara Benson, Kenneth Chiu, Paul Hanson, Timothy Kratz

General Papers

Mercury- A Distributed Metadata Management, Data Discovery and Access System Abstract
Giriprakash Palanisamy, Bruce Wilson, Jim Green, Ranjeet Devarakonda


Recent Information Management System Enhancements at the North Temperate Lakes LTER Abstract
David Balsiger, Barbara Benson, Jeff Maxted, Luke Winslow
Web-based collaboration in an ecology think-tank Abstract
Shaun Walbridge, Mark Schildhauer, Jim Regetz, Matthew Jones, Rick Reeves
Promoting Community Contributions with Highly Configurable Component Based Software, A Kepler Architecture Abstract
Aaron Schultz, Matthew Jones, Timothy McPhilliips, Sean Riddle, David Welker
The North American Carbon Program Google Earth Collection Abstract
Peter Griffith, Amy Morrell, Lisa Wilcox

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