Conference Topics

  • Ecological Data Management

  • Ecological Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Ecological Data Analysis and Synthesis by Bio-inspired Computation

  • Identification of Ecological Micro Images by Bio-inspired Computation

  • Understanding Information Processing and Transfer in Ecosystems

  • Ecoinformatics and Ecological Genomics

  • Hybrid Ecological Modelling and Artificial Life

  • Education in Ecological Informatics

Special sessions at ISEI6

  1. Metadata and ontologies in scientific applications.
    Session Organiser: Matthew Jones, University of Santa Barbara (USA)

  2. Metadata related to predictive modeling and global sustainability.
    Session Organiser: Falk Huettmann, University of Alaska Fairbanks (USA)

  3. Spatio-temporal ecosystem simulation by cellular automata.
    Session Organiser: Qiuwen Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences at Beijing (China)

  4. Ecoinformatics solutions for long term ecological research (LTER).
    Session Organiser: William K. Michener, University of New Mexico (USA)

  5. Agent and individual-based modelling for ecosystem management and decision
    Session Organiser: Lael Parrott, University of Montreal (Canada)

  6. Combining datadriven and knowledge-based modelling approaches.
    Session Organiser: Peter Goethals, University of Gent (Belgium)

  7. Knowledge discovery and predictive modelling by shared complex ecological data.
    Session Organiser: Tae-Soo Chon, University of Pusan (South Korea)

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